ICTs & Development: Workshop 2010

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IIT Delhi invites unpublished, original, empirical papers for the international workshop on ICTs and Development: An International Workshop for Theory, Practice, & Policy, to be held 11-12 March 2010.



From Technology to Transformation


Never before in the history of mankind has there been technological advancement of the scale that we are used to now. Mobile phones, computers, and the Internet are now key players in changing the very social fabric of the world, specially in developing countries like ours. If it's stupefying enough to look back at how technology has contributed to society so far, then it's mind-boggling to assess the potential that is waiting to be explored.

ICTs & Development aims to address the issue of the impact of technology on those sections of society that are yet to have a feel of everything that makes life easy for the developed world. The workshop brings together academic experts, policy makers and activists from around the world, and scholars will share their research on how mobile phones, computers, and the Internet influence the empowerment of marginal individuals and communities, and also on whether ICTs create and enhance livelihood opportunities for people in the developing world.


IIT Delhi, India
IIT, Delhi
International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
International Development Research Centre, Canada


Submission of manuscripts
1st October 2009
Announcement of results
1st December 2009
Submission of final version of paper
1st February 2010


For submission of manuscripts and other enquiries, please write to ICTD2010@gmail.com. The workshop organizers are:
Dr. P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan
IIT Delhi
Prof. Mark R. Levy
Michigan State University


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